The 7 Biggest Nail Trends for the Summer 2016 Season


The weather is hot, and summer nail trends are even hotter. It’s time to find your favorite summer bracelets, trim up your cuticles, and try out the top new manicure looks. A few surprises and innovative products are coming your way in 2016, and they may permanently change the way you do your nails. Here’s a quick preview of the seven most impressive new trends.

1. Three-Dimensional Bling

Sometimes glitter just isn't enough. Small stones, crystals and other embellishments are finding their way onto every nail. As the popularity of this trend grows, a greater variety of unique embellishments becomes available.

2. Minimalism and Negative Space

Painting stripes, geometric shapes or other simple figures against the background of a bare nail is a striking manicure trick that works perfectly with natural, neutral summer looks.

3. Ballerina Nail Shaping

"Ballerina nails" or "coffin nails" are super-long with perfectly flat tips. They're stylish, edgy and ideal for both bare and bold looks.

4. Patterned French Tips

Traditional solid-color French manicure tips are being replaced by funky, vibrant tips sporting stripes, waves, dots and other creative patterns.

5. Text on Hand

If you have a message for the world, wear it on your hand. Nail lettering kits are making communication more fun than ever.

6. Beyond the Sweater Nail

The sweater nail saw its popularity soar last year. In 2016, you can look forward to many variations on the theme with three-dimensional patterns layered smoothly into manicures.

7. Spray-On Nail Polish

Imagine a flawless, fast way to polish your nails that eliminates the problem of color goofs due to shaky hands. If it does well in the mainstream market, Paint Can Spray Nail Polish by Nails Inc. may render traditional polish techniques obsolete. The product involves a two-step process. First, you paint a clear base coat onto your nails; this enables the spray polish to stick to your nail surface but not your skin. Once it's dry, you spray the colored polish over the ends of your fingers. Wipe away the mess to find perfectly polished nails and clean skin. It's definitely one of the most unique manicure concepts to come along in years.

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