The Hottest Hairstyles for the Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Season

Get ready for the warm weather with the latest looks from the runway

Spring is a time for new beginnings. As the sunlight wakes you up from the long, dreary winter and flowers begin to poke out of the ground, it’s not unusual to feel the urge to change up your look, too. Start the season off right with one of these trendy haircuts for 2016.

Big Bold Bangs

Any way you like to wear your fringe is “in” this season. All variations from sweeping side bangs to chunky, straight-edged styles are fine as long as they flatter your face. Bangs provide the perfect opportunity to play around with new hairstyles. They’re simple, fun and grow out quickly enough that you can try several different looks over the course of spring and summer.

Beautiful Braids

The elegant beauty of braids is back for 2016 with styles that anyone can pull off. Photos from the runways show that perfection isn’t the goal. In fact, a bit of freedom seems to be the preferred way to go. If you have long hair, take advantage of this trend to accentuate your neck with a high braid or show off your tresses with a simple side plait. Tiny braids strewn throughout your hair make for a playful look that can be worn any time.

Do the Twist

Putting your hair up is a practical way to keep cool as spring moves into summer and the days get warmer, so why not play around with ponytails, buns and knots? As with braids, a few bits of loose hair are not only expected but also encouraged with these styles. For special occasions, apply your favorite smoothing hair product and transform your everyday updo into a sleek evening look.

Let it Go

Remember how you used to spend hours taming your “bed head” hair? This season, you no longer have to bother. The natural look is in, so if your curls are unruly, let them stay that way. Give straight hair a rest from the curling iron. Highlight waves with just a touch of product to give them a glossy glow. This isn’t an excuse to stop brushing your hair, but literally letting your hair hang down without fuss can be very freeing.

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