5 Makeup Tips to Empower Your Clients

Ways to pass on your cosmetology school expertise

Most of the clients you work with as a makeup artist struggle to duplicate the looks that you create for them and would appreciate suggestions to help them improve their techniques. Share these simple makeup tips to help clients put their best faces forward every day.

Invest in Good Tools

Brushes that shed, sponges that leave blobs and blending tips that smudge make it impossible to apply makeup properly. High-quality tools will create the best results, and in less time! Invest in a range of brushes to handle everything from broad application of powder to detail work around eyes and lips. Choose tools that work best for your choice of products and your daily beauty routine.

Avoid Cracked Foundation

To keep your foundation from caking and cracking during the day, start with a good daytime moisturizer. After the product has been absorbed, apply liquid foundation using a makeup sponge to get light, consistent coverage. If you prefer a lighter look and feel, opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of a full foundation. Finish with a dusting of powder to set the foundation or tinted moisturizer. Be sure to maintain your moisturizing regimen even on days that you don’t wear makeup to ensure that your skin stays supple.

Get Lovely Lips

Create a smooth, healthy base for lipstick by exfoliating with a gentle lip scrub and applying a lip moisturizer first. Outline the natural contours with a lip liner, fill in with your lipstick and blot gently with a tissue. To set the color, apply a little pressed powder while using the tissue as a barrier, and finish up with a final coat of lipstick. Add a clear gloss for shine if desired. For a quick routine and natural look, consider a tinted lip balm or a soft matte lip cream that matches your natural lip color instead.

Accent Your Eyes

The best way to make your eyes stand out is to use an eyeshadow of opposing color. Familiarize yourself with the color wheel to find the best choices. In general, colors with orange tones work well with blue eyes, red tones highlight natural greens and brown can be accented with just about anything. Look for subdued hues rather than bright shades to achieve the most subtle appearance. Keep eyeliner and mascara subtle for daytime, and consider dark shades and variants of eyeliner styles for evening.

Blush Naturally

Apply cream blush for a glow that lasts all day, or try powder blush for a more matte look. Consider how different shades can accentuate different parts of your face. Pink and red hues are best applied to the apple of the cheek and can be highlighted with orange tones on the cheekbones. Finish off with bronzer in the areas you want to highlight for a sun-kissed look.

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