How to Give the Perfect Beauty Consultation

When meeting with a new client, it’s important to provide a quality beauty consultation so you can assure the services you’re providing are customized just for them. A prospective client may already have a vision of what they’d like for their hair, skin or nails, and it’s essential you understand and capture this vision before you start. If they’re unsure of what they want, a thorough consultation will allow you and your client to come up with possibilities and create a vision together. In the long run, a successful consultation can increase both client retention and satisfaction with your services. Here are the essentials.

Ask, Ask, Ask.

The more questions you ask and the more specific you are with your questions, the better idea you’ll have of what your client really wants. Here are a few great opening questions to kick-start your consultation:
•    Do you have an idea in mind of the [cut, color, style, procedure] you’d like me to focus on today?
•    Is there any [cut, color, style, procedure] you’ve had before and didn’t like? What about it didn’t work for you? Is there anything you want to avoid today or in the future?
•    What [color, cut, style, procedures] have worked for you in the past?
•    How do you feel about [fill in the blank with your expert suggestions]?
And of course, you don’t have to stick to a strict list. Sometimes the questions you decide to ask will come naturally as you gain a clearer picture of your client’s needs.

Listen and Absorb!

Sometimes when we think we’re listening, we’re actually just hearing sounds and letting the information escape through our other ear. Make note of what your client wants as well as what they don’t want so that you’ll know where to direct your focus and what to avoid. After your client shares information with you, repeat it back to them in order to make sure you understood their message clearly—too many bad haircuts and skincare disasters have resulted from a miscommunication during consultation. Listening closely to your client’s concerns will inevitably create the best results.

Use Visuals and Make Suggestions

Having visual examples and offering ideas will allow you to share your expertise and gain an even better understanding of your client’s vision. Style books, cutouts, and even portfolios of your own work can inspire your client, especially when they’re feeling uncertain. And as with any beauty service, make sure to take personal qualities such as skin tone, skin type, hair texture, and color preferences into account when creating an action plan.

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